Writing to Guruji Mohan or Abhimanyu Ji Guruji Mohan or Abhimanyu Ji Shree Abhimanyu Village – Leela Sevri, Post - Kanas Pushkar (Ajmer), Rajasthan, 305 022 India Dear Seeker, This is important information, if you wish to keep in contact with Guruji Mohan or with Abhimanyu Ji. Guruji Mohan and Abhimanyu Ji do the healing also from a distance, i.e. while in India. Therefore they need a photo of you and it is very important that the photo shows you alone (no group) with your eyes clearly to be seen. Please make sure that you do no wear spectacles; lenses are fine. A simple passport photo will do. Send your photos to Guruji Mohan’s address or Abhimanyu Ji (see above) and add a letter to inform him about your problem. Please write in English. If you do not speak any English, ask someone to translate the letter for you. Guruji Mohan or Abhimanyu Ji will start the healing process with you or continue it respectively. Never ever add any money or reply coupons because these letters may dwindle away in the postal system. Please do respect this request, otherwise Guruji Mohan or Abhimanyu Ji will not receive your letter and thus will not be able to work with you. For Guruji Mohan: Name: Mohan lal Sharma Bank: Deutsche Bank Krefeld IBAN: DE77 3207 0024 0301 7605 00 BIC: DEUTDEDB320